Thursday, 11 September 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.09.11

The eighth 9/11 event show. The main guests were Mike and Ben, then we had both Brians. The Canadian one and the Florida one. Then we had Fetcho on and more callers, Zap and Rollo, Stefanie and VT Saxon.

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  1. Geez! What an absurd show. The confusion of all of these people, including the off-chessboard-unknowable-ghost-entities-did-it-because-my-guru-Abirato-told-me-so Rollo guy, a nice guy but the most amateurish of all the 'fakeologists,' gave me a goddamn headache. Endless regurgitated stuff by Giuliani and Mike 'Jesus-is-Lord-&-Santa-Claus-too' Anthony from the alternative media taken at face-value and called 'facts' without any hard-proof whatsoever or even suspicion of deliberately falsified evidence to lead them there to these assumed 'facts.' But it still got worse than that with some blatantly transparent shilling from some of the callers:

    At around the 2 hours 3 minute mark of this audio Ben, the anti-Jew Jew (lol) and frequent Truth Hertz caller from NYC, claims that he could smell the burning bodies (!) (maybe they fried some chicken for him, huh? lol) and a little later at the 2 hour 4 minute mark he makes this hilarious and outright absurd statement that either he or somebody he knows experienced: 'body-parts flying all over me and I got HIT BY A TORSO!' Go listen again if you don't believe that he actually said this absurd crap.

    So, let me ask this stuttering shill Ben from NYC (direct agent or useful ego/idiot the result is the same, ) who claims he or someone he knows got hit by 'body parts and a torso' whether this 'torso' was the KING KONG MAN or not, because THAT'S ALL we saw on TV as far as 'bodies' were concerned: 13 foot and even 21 foot animations 'jumping' out of 7 foot windows:

    THE KING KONG MAN - Simon Shack


    KING KONG MAN Part II - the 21 foot jumper! - Simon Shack


    or maybe it was 'the burning flesh' of one of these frozen-face and obviously photo-shopped VicSims that he 'smelled' and the 'body parts and torso' of one them that he or his friend 'got hit by' (LOL) on 9-11:


    So, why is it that the images of these people were so obviously faked IF these people actually did die?

    And let's not forget that these are only some of THE MOST OBVIOUS examples of blatant image fakery of SIMULATED Victims and fake identities on 9-11 and certainly not all of them. Meanwhile EVERY LAST name and image provided as 'evidence' of a so-called victim on 9-11 is highly suspect to say the least.

    Why is it that NONE of the above 'hug-me clones' or anybody else that supposedly died on 9-11 had a valid last address of residence as of 2010? Why is it that NO ONE, not a single 9-11 researcher, even knows where they last lived?

    "I did an exhaustive check of the list of victims provided on the CNN website. What I found is that out of 2,970 people listed, only 446 appear in the Social Security death index. Of those only 249 have a confirmed death certificate on file. Of those, not a single one has a valid 'last address of record' on file." ~ Ersun Warncke, Salem News - Independent confirmation of the 'Vicsims Report' - 9/11 Reflections Part 2: Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues




    ~ Negentropic MK I

  2. (. . . continued)

    So, given the FACT of the absence of any more than 249 'confirmed' (by who?) death certificates and the absence of ANY valid last address of record on ANY of the presumed victims of 9-11, who exactly is this friend-of-a-friend of the caller Stephanie from NYC 'who lost a husband and remarried and collected a lot of money and a house?' Can she do the tiniest amount of legwork or phone-work and inform us of her friend's ex-husband's LAST ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE so that we can at least have ONE valid Last Address of Residence for at least ONE person who supposedly got whacked on 9-11? But then, of course, she also claims that another family that she 'knows' lost someone on 9-11 refuses to talk about it.

    LOL I wonder why? Could it be that they are just paid-off stand-ins?

    It is certainly factual that some people got 'paid-off' with funny-money by Mr. Kenneth Feinberg. But being 'paid off' from 'victims compensations funds" run by Feinberg is part of not just the 9-11 PsyOp but many other PsyOps since Feinberg is the guy put in charge of most of them! Doesn't that strike Giuliani as odd? That he should automatically believe that there MUST HAVE been 'real victims' simply because some Jew called Feinberg paid off a few people with funny-money printed out of thin air in some dog-and-pony charade? Who's fooling who Charles? You're the one being fooled by this.

    There is simply no HARD-proof that anyone, not even one person was killed on 9-11. A corpse and an autopsy is HARD proof and we DO NOT HAVE any corpses and autopsies or even real identities of any presumed corpses on 9-11. All we have are fake 'relative' actors and Kenneth Feinberg's dog-and-pony 'compensation fund' charade with Jew Judge Alvin Hallerstein and crying clowns like Howard Lutnick, yet another tribe member and supposed head of Cantor-Fitzgerald, who claims 658 of his 960 workers got whacked on 9-11!

    ABC interview with Howard Lutnick


    As Simon Shack has said about this ridiculous boo-hoo-hoo-on-cue acted video:

    "If - after watching this - anyone still believes Lutnick is a real CEO of a real company who lost 657 real employees, I'm afraid there's nothing anyone can do to convince such a person of the contrary."


    ~ Negentropic MK II

  3. (. .. continued)

    Last but not least:

    Why does this "Rollo" guy presume he's speaking for anyone but himself and that Abirato guy when he declares "WE don't come from the Jew angle"?

    To prevent misquotes and things they never wrote being spread and the putting of words in their mouths never said, here are Simon Shack and Hoi Polloi's actual opinions on the Jews and 'the Jew angle' :


    “It just appears evident to me that the “Nutwork” (aka the “elite”) responsible for all the ugly going-ons in this world is an eclectic lot. Of course “elite” Jews/Zionists are involved (seemingly in a major way), of course “elite” Brits and “elite” Yankees are involved. Of course “elite” Italians, Frenchmen, Irishmen, Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians, Estonians, Sicilians, Vaticanians, Swiss, Luxemburgians, Maltese, Spaniards, Germans, Turks, Russians, Serbs, Saudis, Egyptians, Nigerians, South Africans, Burmese, Japanese, Chinese (etc – you name it – don’t blame me for skipping some ) are involved.

    IMHO, we (the normal, average folks) are just wasting our time pointing our fingers at any single, particular ethnicity of this global elite plague.

    Having said the above, I’m certainly not oblivious of the prominence/hegemony of the jew-factor in world politics/media & propaganda. As you may know, I’m half Norwegian (from a father with centuries of Norwegian ancestors) & half Swedish(from a mother with centuries of Swedish ancestors). A total Scandinavian entity, if you will – and to be sure, with zero jewish origins. See, a funny thought occured to me a few years back – as I realized that Norway and Sweden add up to a total of about 13 million of this planet’s inhabitants. Apparently, the Jewish people also add up to a total of 13 million of this planet’s inhabitants.

    Now, what if 90% of the American (and European) News Media Corporations were owned / controlled by Norwegians and Swedes?

    Wouldn’t that make the rest of this planet’s inhabitants raise an eyebrow?”


    That’s basically his diplomatic way of saying: look I know it’s these friggin Jews at the top pulling the levers for the rest but I have to be accurate, scientific & thoroughly researched about it, so I won’t get thrown in with loudmouth idiots like Prostink
    Hoi Polloi, Shack’s second-in-command, a somewhat contradictory character who’s a comic-book-artist/communitarian activist in real life and was involved with some bizarre shenanigans on the forum with some members he accused of being ‘sims’ whom he banned without proof and refused to reinstate when proof was offered, went even further recently.

    At around the 2 hour 18 minute mark of the following audio hoi polloi aka Max Konrardy tells Abirato that it can easily be proven that it’s the Jews behind most institutions running PsyOps including not just the mass-media but “army intelligence” & not only that but it’s also Jews behind most of the violence on the planet & it’s just a fact that people should face & deal with even if it’s also not the only issue:


    So, who is it again that Rollo claims does not 'come from the Jew angle'?

    That's right, nobody but himself and Abirato and certainly not Shack and Konrardy, the two main researchers of Clues Forum.

    ~ Negentropic MK III

  4. P.S.

    The upper level perpetrators of 9-11 and every other mass-media-orchestrated major PsyOp are the bankers, of course, predominantly Jews from the Rothschilds on down. Nothing 'world-changing' or even just society-changing gets done without their given go-ahead. However, any list of the lower-level operational perps of 9-11, no matter how many tribe members it contains, that does not include the names Steven Rosenbaum, Rick Leventhal, Joel Meyerowitz, Charles Hirsch, Kenneth Feinberg, Alvin Hallerstein, Howard Lutnick, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, etc. is amateurishly incomplete at best and completely ignorant of proven image-fakery and merely dogmatic movie-criticism passing as 'real research' at worst.

    The fact that most 9-11 truthers and especially the plane-huggers have never even heard of Rosenbaum, Lutnick and Hirsch shows you how well the gatekeeping has worked in the alternative media. The fact that not just the video of building seven, given as a red herring on a Silverstein platter on Jew-owned PBS to the troofers, was faked ahead of time,

    Simon Shack's WTC 7 Study


    but even the birds flying in the sky


    goes to show how unafraid of possible discovery and brazen the planners of the PsyOp were and how knowledgeable of what it takes to permanently install divide-&-conquer from the root up, the root being PROPER PROCEDURE in criminal investigations which always puts IMAGE VERIFICATION ahead of any analysis based on images. They not only brazenly put Silverstein, an obvious Jew, in there as a front man, when they could have easily paid him off and got a gentile front-man, but they had the unmitigated audacity and balls to put false-trails in the PsyOp further promoted by their agents in the alternative media for practically EVERYBODY, knowing that it's all a numbers game and a few marginalized people on the internet pointing directly to Jews and Israel means practically nothing in the grand scheme of things, as long as they get to use their Weapon of Mass Deception, the mass-media (both mainstream and a large chunk of the alternative) to churn-out these mostly media-faked PsyOps over and over again and re-trigger the FEAR-&-TRAUMA-BASED programming constantly.


    Furniture - Brilliant Mind Lyrics


    I'm at the stage
    Where everything I thought meant something
    Seems so unappealing
    I'm ready for the real thing
    But nobody's selling
    Except you and yours
    Saying open up your eyes and ears
    And let me in

    You must be out of your brilliant mind

    You're at the stage
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    But you are not telling
    You're just gesturing saying open up your arms and hearts
    And let me in

    You must be out of your brilliant mind

    I'm at the stage
    Where I want my words heard
    When no one wants to listen
    Because everybody's yelling
    About you and yours
    And how I'd have the answer if I'd only open up, up, up
    And let you in

    They must be out of their brilliant minds

    I said shame
    Shame on you
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    You must be out of your brilliant mind
    And they must be out of their brilliant minds
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    I'm must be out of my brilliant mind
    My brilliant mind

    ~ Negentropic MK IV

  5. Bravo ~ Negentropic , a great work in four comments . you should think about coming on a show and sharing all the comments you've been leaving on here , thanks for your concise analysis and keep them coming

  6. A response to Negentropic's comments.

    Giuliani will be controlled opposition. Seeing through the fakery of the manned moon landings (as he does on the Turbulent Times Radio Show Ep 2 August 29 2014) but not through the same for 9/11 is impossible.

    I agree with Simon Shack's main theme that the world is being deceived big time through media fakery. Why do I agree? Because I can see it with my own eyes. Did his Cluesforum contribute to my detection of the media fabrications? Yes.

    And immediately after I discovered the world is being deceived this way an urge sprung up to find out who is responsible for the deception. To find out who runs the world.

    The fact that this drive is not present in Simon Shack is unnatural. All that exists are years of just exposing media fakery…

    The example given by Negentropic of Simon Shack mentioning 'who the cabal ruling this world might be' is the only time on Cluesforum where Shack does so to some extent.

    Then there is a Talkshoe episode wherein Shack could not escape the answer to the question: "Who are the people doing all this to us? His main answer was: "I'm certain the Bush Administration had something to do with it, okay?, first of all".


    Admitted, in that Talkshoe episode he does also say (answering to the list of perps the questioner sums up) that the Jews, the Freemasons, the Sufi's, the Secret Societies, the Club of Rome, all of these trilateral commissions, Club of 300 "are probably involved in some way on different levels, Freemasonry, Jews, Jesuits, a big big cabal of people", but also says: "I’m into video and showing how they did it and who did it is the next step I hope other people will help finding out".

    Help finding out? Where are the own efforts in the first place?

    Shack asks the questioner: "Does that make me suspicious because I don't put my finger on the exact people who were behind this?" The questioner then (incorrectly) says: "I know that in your forum you pointed to the Jews a lot", adding: "and believe me I'm no fan of the Jews, that's why I'm no longer Jewish but, I mean, to point at the Jews is just ridiculous", Shack answers: "I haven't done it, I've been very careful not to go into these kind of discussions if it's the Jews, the Jesuits, the Free Masons, I'm not into that stuff".

    The complete Q&A between questioner Markus Allen and Simon Shack is at 1:37:54 -2:13:07. TS-578407 Jan. 16 2012 http://recordings.talkshoe.com/rss90337.xml

    I'm not a fan of Markus Allen. His questions to Simon Shack however were straightforward and correct (except for his remark "I know that in your forum you pointed to the Jews a lot").

    As to Negentropic's example of hoi.polloi in an internet radio talk saying 'it's the Jews who are behind most institutions running PsyOps', look at what hoi.polloi says on Cluesforum, Dec. 22nd, 2013:

    _"Is anyone else getting really fucking depressed by the number of people who pay attention to our research only to rush to blame "The Jews" and bring up that tired old Protocols of Zion stuff?"_

    See the complete post: http://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=27&p=2388729#p2388729

    hoi.polloi is Cluesforum's bouncer for anything that would point to the Jews (or any other defined group) being the perps of this world. Another steer-away-from-the-Jews is Simon Shack's affiliate 'Fakeologist' (who is a cyber herder really).

    I've read several of Negentropic's posts on various sites, happily amazed by his/her stinging insight into practically all aspects of deception and into the whodunit.

    But when it comes to Simon Shack, Negentropic's discernment lacks sharpness when expressing only warm approval whereas one should be on the alert as the purpose of Cluesforum might be to keep all in the corral.


  7. @Pierce

    If you listen closely to that Shack / Goldstein audio (part of an old hoax busters episode), Goldstein aka Markus Allen's most revealing words to Shack were "I know that YOU'VE BEEN POINTING TO THE JEWS A LOT on the forum which is ridiculous." He was running damage control on Shack's pointing to too many Jews (Stephen Rosenbaum, Howard Lutnick, Charles Hirsch, Rick Siegel, Kenneth Feinberg, Rick Leventhal, Matt Lauer, Alvin Hallerstein, etc.) at Clues Forum and Shack, being a liberal guy, was naive enough to appease him and in the process made himself look weak, which I'm sure satisfied that weasel Markus.

    Also Hoi's post you gave the link to is from December of 2013 whereas the Abirato audio I posted where he kicks the Jews in the balls is from April 2014. Later opinions naturally have priority as they represent a person's most mature thoughts and conclusions.

    ~ Negentropic MK V

  8. Negentropic's undiscerning eye, when it comes to Shack, demonstrated by the given extenuation.

    Disappointment will be great if the investment of trust one day turns out to be based on misjudgment.
    Due diligence is required, not the lack thereof.


  9. CORRECTED POST WITH AUDIO LINK (note to Delcroix: you can delete the other one if you want since this is the exact same post).

    @Pierce Scrim

    Here we go, starting at exactly the 2 hour 10 minute 9 second mark:


    Markus Allen Goldstein: "I know that in your forum you've pointed to the Jews a lot, and believe me I'm no fan of the Jews that's why I'm no longer Jewish, but to point to the Jews is just ridiculous."

    Notice how clear and articulate he is and how manipulative, a trained shyster who hardly ever has to pause a second for thought or struggle for the right words as he speaks.

    So a Jew who claims to no longer be a Jew (echoes of Stuttering Ben the anti-shyster on Giuliani) is accusing Shack of pointing to the Jews a lot but you know everything don't you, Mr. Discernment? And what kind of discernment would have as its only criterion how many Jews are pointed to and nothing else? lol

    It couldn't be more obvious that a parasitic environment has turned you into a bitter cynic but I'd like you to fantasize just for a minute that heroes or people of integrity can still exist in this world and name the ONE person you trust the most in the entire 9-11 bowel movement, the person who, in your honest opinion, is closer-to-the-truth and so much more trustworthy than Shack, so I can have a good laugh. I think I have a hunch which clown you're going to name and I'm chuckling already. Let's have it!

    Yes, I admit that Shack is one of my heroes but that's only because he has EARNED that position and here are at least a hundred solid reasons why on this thread:


    I am also fully aware that he could become a shill tomorrow but somehow I don't think he'll ever be able to sink as low or do anything half as ridiculous as what Piper and Spingola have done with Sandy Hoax.


    Let's see you name a single 9-11 researcher who, aside from pointing to Jews anytime somebody farts, EVEN COMES CLOSE to the level of solid research Shack has done and who has had to take even a fraction of the avalanche of shit he's taken from all factions of the 9-11 truth bowel movement.

    "A return to first principles in a republic is sometimes caused by the simple virtues of one man. His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him, and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example." ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

    ~ Negentropic MK VI