Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sandy Hook - They Massacre Freedom, Don't They? - Elderly Parents

A couple items on the table, first they want your money, then they want your guns, then they want to put you in Fairfield Hills and throw away the key, now you can add to that Freedom of the Press, Yes, they want to end that too. Not talking just about Censorship, but transparency and the publics right to know about criminal matters and justice. They want the whole nine yards and they are giving it to them, its probably because of Ms Hockley's fantastically fake frown or Mr Pintos lawyer like speeches at the capitol. They hate free information and they hate you. The second half of the video is a mirror of Kate Slates fantastic video "Sandy Hook Elderly Parents" (unedited and in it's entirety). They took it down on her channel so it goes up on mine, that's how we roll. They can go F$% themselves. Cheers. PS feel free to edit my portion of the video out (typos and all) if you came for the Slate piece, I don't mind.....Peace.

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