Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Jamie Bartlett, Demos - Jewish Marxist subversive agenda

Jamie Bartlett may seem like a nobody, and whilst his character is weak, and he ought to be, someone has decided to elevate him from the shady recesses of some Whitehall office of sarcastic know nothing 'intellectuals', wearing beachwear and fancy dress to work, to be visible in the public domain. He is a pustule, and needs to be publicly splattered, so that none of his cowardly, sycophantic, subversive comrades will have the bottle to attempt any kind of public display of their racist, anit-Muslim hatred, which is unwelcome in the UKl, making us safe for another decade. Please note, the Pakistani rape gangs are never featured in these pervert's alleged good works, as these are clearly being orchestrated by the Cultural Marxists, to destroy the country. Raping and paedophilia being a favourite recommendation of the Jewish Communists, as was openly ordered following the surrender of Germany in WWII.

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  1. You have mentioned the nuke thing twice now to my knowledge, you are the only UKplc person that I've heard that has done so.

    Yes the geometry of local space time is vitally important when considering the nuke yields. The Soviets had to dial back on the Tsarbomba because they shit themselves when considering the solar system alignments.

    It is all Pythagorean/Babylon geometry/numerology. Local geometry accelerates/attenuates the neutron flux density amongst other factors. Solar geometry does a similar job on the gates.

    That is why half lives and radio carbon dating is bollox on Earth

    Mind you the Oppenheimers knew that when they went looking for Uranium in the gold fields.