Monday, 18 August 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.08.18

For half of the show Charles talks about the blowback which occurs when red pill folks try to wake up the blue pill ones. In the second half, he talks about the history of Zionist terrorism leading up to the creation of Israel. (No callers)

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  1. You pick your red-pill candidates carefully Charles and based not just on what they tell you (people have been known to BS often to seem more honest than they are) but whether and to what degree they walk their talk in their daily lives (and enjoy whatever silly social ostracism comes as a result with a big grin or despair or suicidal tendencies), you can determine how quickly and how directly to feed them the information that reaches the deeper layers of brainwashing.

    The most important character trait you should look for is true non-comformity, not non-comformity chic or poseurs who merely have a "rebel" image. The ground must be prepared before anything will grow out of it. Even with obvious non-comformists already used to out-of-the-box thinking, it still depends on the degree of that person's brainwashing and conditioning in the controlled-opposition non-comformity channels whether or not to do a drop-by-drop or bite-by-bite approach.

    The million or so Americans who are Alex-Jones fans are obviously all far riper candidates for the real info than the other 299 million. People who are already right-wing are obviously far better candidates for the WWII information, etc. Still, even with AJ fans, you can't just ram things down their throat and expect them to digest all at once. Calibration, diplomacy and temperance is absolutely necessary in all relationships, and compromise on points of principle, absolutely unnecessary and always disastrous in the longer run even if comforting in the short. You're better off losing 10 fake friends and gaining 3 real ones. Real change is always led by a minority.

    Eventually people will have to be goaded to be for the truth or become "unhip" and ridiculous, exposed to "ridicule" and/or labeled as cowards and less than real men (or women). Once the stakes are raised to the size of their (most often quite fragile) egos, you will see immediate change. Once being blind and ignorant carries a cost of being "uncool" and "weak" and therefore less potent and virile than the woken-up, then you will see swarms of people coming over to our side as if they never had a problem before, as they went over to the counter-culture hippie side of the 1960s by the early 1970's. If you go to a library and check out the college or high-school yearbooks of the late 1960's, most guys still had short hair. By the early 1970's, long hair and hippie ways had gone mainstream and become epidemic in the photos, owing to the Beatles and a hundred other great bands of that era having, through the great propaganda tool of brilliant works of art as fruits of their newfound attitudes, declared their solidarity with the hippie movement by growing their hair long and doing different drugs. Even the guys who didn't do drugs like Zappa, Robert Fripp and Ian Anderson still looked like they were up to their eyeballs in chemical refreshments. What we will eventually have and we're quite a bit of the way there already, although so far only on the internet and not so much in off-internet life, is a new counter-culture of truth-seekers so well-versed in tricks of the "gatekeeping" trade, few cons faze them, but with only the good mental relaxants and consciousness "expanders" in the bargain. What's important is the mind-set of those with leadership ability, NOT whether they stand on a street-corner with their dogs and a stupid, barely readable yellow sign that says "Jews fucked your life up" or any other slogans to that effect.

    “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.” - Henry Kissinger

    Now, we know that it is a matter of what is TRUE that counts BUT we also know that it is TRUE (and therefore it "counts" as in 4 being 2+2) that what is PERCEIVED TO BE TRUE has a very strong hold on our potential candidates and therefore we calibrate and pick our fights and projects accordingly.

    ~ Negentropic