Sunday, 31 August 2014

TiU Radio 30st Aug 2014

Host : Ognir

Topics : End of Gaza  Genocide
The Foley Hoax Explained
Rotherham rape system
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  1. Foley Hoax, Houston Hoax, Sandy Hoax, Boston Legless Hoax, etc. and even Moon Hoax for Ognir if I remember correctly, but steadfast they remain on their absurd claim of "remote control planes" and 3000 dead on 9-11, against all logic and sanity in the face of a bunch of pathetic cartoons, both Noel/Ognir and his former partner Daryl Bradford Smith, as if all these PsyOps can be shown to follow a similar template except 9-11, when 9-11 is the most obvious of all of them.

    ~ Negentropic

  2. Some really brilliant insights in that KHammad/ID Kanspier audio you were on briefly from a couple days ago:


    KHammad: "Us researchers are attracted to the 'straw man' argument. We look for holes and proudly display them, but I think this video is not meant for us. Consider the average man. He won't be looking for holes in the story, he just wants to catch up on the news as he digests his dinner, then it's off to bed at the end of another working day. We, on the other hand, we stay up late, we research it, it bothers us when we see these videos. Our minds can't rest until that bothersome thing is exposed. We are trying to deal with the trauma to which we were exposed. Our brains know that this particular news-story of human suffering and torture was traumatizing to our psyche and we are trying to resolve this unresolved conflict. I saw torture but I can't stop thinking about it because the video has a lot of things wrong with it. The torture does not make sense. So at fakeologist we get on it, right? Right here, I want to give props to Lenon Honor and his groundbreaking book 'The 911 Fear Based Mind Control Program' because I really think that's the 'why' right there. The average man continues to be traumatized well after the news event is over. His brain does not know that the news-event was traumatizing. The trauma he just suffered is stewing away inside his brain. His unconscious mind cannot make sense of the video or the news story. After being traumatized by the story, his mind cannot resolve the trauma because of certain conflicts. One conflict is that the video easily appears to be fake but the media and the White House are saying the beheading is real. His unconscious mind then keeps replaying the news-story over and over and over to resolve these conflicts. I believe the media intentionally puts out news-stories that can be easily debunked in order to create UNRESOLVABLE TRAUMA in our collective unconscious."

    ~ Negentropic

  3. (. . . continued)

    ID Kanspier: "One thing that I researched today is the idea of 'love based' mind control vs. 'trauma or fear-based.' We can come across mind-control type reporting on you tube, which is what they do, they're basically reporting ideas. The one issue I have with that is that I believe the initial cause of the fear drives cogitate or are essentially driven into the subconscious so that what I think happens is that when we arise back up out of that PsyOp, once we actually do get back into an intellectual state where we can calculate our emotions and take a linear left-brain approach, by then the news media has changed and they're asking you to LOVE. Since we have had the initial seed of fakery driven into the subconscious level, when we come out of this fearful state, we're ready to actually feel sorry for people that don't exist. Or feel sorry for people whose leg is missing and they're laying there on the street in Boston. And if you don't know shit-from-shinola about fakery, then initially you're going to want to feel bad and sorry for them. You're going to feel that fake love. You wish that person wasn't in pain. You wish you could help them. You want to go put your arm around them. So a lot of our 'love' in American culture is fake. We are asked to feel the emotion of love to prime us for the next fearful event. So when you think about it in that context, it's not necessarily always about 'fear-based' mind control and there may be many media stories that are somewhat harder to find that are totally based on 'love-based' mind control, where there's never any shock, no awe, no gore, but it's just as harmful to your mid-brain and your balanced emotions in the big-picture, because if they're setting you up to feel fearful again, if they're priming you to come crashing down with some sort of horrible amygdala-stroking event, then that's bad too. At least talk to people to see if they're sometimes getting trapped into feeling 'fake love,' unfounded love, which could be happening."

    KHammad: "Wow! What a hard fall, right? You get to the 'love spot' and then you have to see the trauma and to me, it's a harder fall than if you were not at that 'love' place."

    ~ Negentropic

  4. (. . . continued)

    ID Kanspier: "And I liken it to people who are completely deluded about a watched event, so that the one thing they've been taught all their lives when to feel love, that all-of-a-sudden now they should NOT feel love for someone, and that that person does not even exist in that fashion! Now, that's really traumatizing to people. It's one thing to tell people 'there's nothing to be scared of, there were no school shooters' or this and that, and it's another thing to burst their bubble in the opposite way. To say: 'your love is fake, buddy! Listen, you're just being played!' So, we have to be careful about that and it takes some serious thinking."
    KHammad: "Wow! Let's repeat that. So, you're saying that when you tell people 'Sandy Hook was fake,' they think you're telling them their 'love' was fake.

    ID Kanspier: "Right. Well, it is! When you're dealing with somebody who's a believer in something, in some idea and you have a responsibility to at least try to help them if you feel like they're setting themselves up for something, just like if they think Santa Claus is real and they're 12 years old, do you let them go on and pacify their ignorance which is bliss to them and let them keep on 'feeling good' the way they are, which is a cheap feeling of 'good' to me, not being able to at least tackle some truth to get a better appreciation of what's real, or do you tell them that their 'love' is fake? I don't know if we have the responsiblity to go around telling people that their 'love' is fake, I just think that if it's a family member or if you see that they're really struggling with Robin Williams, you could approach it another way. You can say: 'Well, we don't know for sure. How do we know?' It's hard to keep from wanting to burst someone's bubble, especially if you don't know yourself."

    KHammad: "Yeah, I know several people who are EXTREMELY emotional about these events. I mean the trauma from Sandy Hook alone! They experience depression as if a personal friend had died in the most tragic of ways!

    ID Kanspier: "Well, it was a Christmas story too. When people get together at that time, they talk about whatever's a current event and it was unmistakably just planted in that time period for partly that reason because, for whatever reason, that's the way our culture has been created and that's the time when our family comes around and are you going to tell these people that their 'love' is fake and burst their bubble. On another level, it's extremely important to find a way to tell them because fakery is real! We're dealing with REAL hoaxes and REAL PsyOps and REAL fakery. So it's important to be compassionate without trying to come from some kind of a point of authority. There's no 'authority,' we're just searching, we're just looking, we're just trying to find out. I'm trying to reformulate my life to where I'm looking to find out 'what is real' first by finding out what is fake because there seems to be much more of the pseudo-reality than anything that's real and tangible."

    ~ Negentropic