Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ferguson protests infiltrated by PAID rioters - Clayton, MO + West County next?

I've heard this from several people now here in STL... Rumor in St. Louis, these 'protests' are staged to cause riots... they're going to branch out across St. Louis over the next few days. Full military lockdown by next week or sooner. Agent provocateurs dressed like regular people, causing major violence to bring in full military lockdown These paid rioting agents are going to hit Clayton and West County, Chesterfield, and Hazelwood (more affluent areas of St. Louis). Then comes full midwest military lockdown in response. Talk of shooting down crowds going to be done. St. Louis chosen symbolically as ground zero for martial law. Again, this is the "rumor". So far, most of the rumors have been proved incorrect.

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  1. Of course there are paid and staged riots by outsiders in this giant fiasco. The jew run government is behind everything. They have to create chaos before THEY create order!