Monday, 25 August 2014

Fakeologist Radio ep123-Cluesquiz #2-NASA Sunday, Aug 24 2014

ep123-Cluesquiz #2-NASA

Simon and Hoi have 11 questions on NASA for James Stigmire, Jan Erik, and KHammad

I hope you’ll all be tuning in on today’s MOON / NASA quiz. I’ve spent a few days putting together 11 NASA quiz entries – doing my best to make them both serious and entertaining – so as to uphold the quality and the good mood of Ab’s great radio show. it should be fun – so don’t miss the NASA quiz! - Simon



September Clues


  1. These two comments from the above audio (starting at around the 2 hour 13 minute mark) I found most insightful and well-worth always keeping in mind:

    Abirato: I think they're at the forefront of American exceptionalism. If we can convince Americans that we're all powerful, boy, what else could we do with this spaceship America? We could rule the world! We have ultimate power. We rule space, don't dare go there. It's just promoting the American myth. Plus NASA started harvesting a new and emerging technology called the Television so they could use that as a weapon against the people. And who knows how much of the story they thought would catch on? Who knows for sure if they thought everyone was going to buy it? I think, for a while, there must have been a period when they thought 'Are people going to believe this'? And then they saw how . . . it worked! And I think that just gave them strength to carry on the hoax. I think they always create a lot of these hoaxes with the intention of saying 'Oh well, if it doesn't work or people catch one, we could easily exist the hoax by saying it was a drill, I don't know why you guys thought it was real. We might have added this reality just to help people in the drill understand it, and to test them. But perhaps when they see everyone still buys into all these, they just go with it, they just roll with it! And they keep going at it. Maybe on all the PsyOps of the day today they're always ready to say 'OK, yeah, it was just a reality-based drill and why are you guys making this big deal about it'? But no, everyone buys into it.

    Hoi Polloi: I believe one of the reasons they do it is to control the 'big questions': 'why are we here? Who are we? What is the meaning of life?' And they basically encapsulate all that into their science-religion, their science-ism or scientism. It's the modern new-world religion basically. Even people who are purportedly Christian or Muslim or Buddhist or whatever, they still bow down to the high-priest of science. So it's a way of controlling people en-masse using religion. It's using the old tricks of religion but in this guise of being 'investigations.'

    The Jan Erik / KHammad discussion was also quite good except for the silly media-conformist discussion of "Fascism" at the beginning.


    Mussolini's Italy might have turned into a big bureaucracy, but it still remains true that they were fighting Jew-usury, freemasonry (Judaism for gentiles) & Jew-created-&-run communism, as this period propaganda poster makes clear:


    This is the reason why Ezra Pound supported Mussolini, not because he was in love with vast bureaucracies or that he himself became an official Fascist. Pound never gave up his American citizenship and, knowing that the possibility of another World War was very real, made a trip to the USA to try to convince influential people NOT to get involved in any war against Italy or Germany.

    Jan Erik claims that there are no countries left, only corporations all controlled by the same elites. Of course, if nuclear weapons are proven to be fake, as it looks like they might be, then the next obvious conclusion is that all countries currently claiming to have nukes (or working to supposedly get nukes like Iran) are controlled by the same liars and fully co-operating in their fear-mongering control-freak antics over the world's billions of peons.

    ~ Negentropic

  2. By the way, every last goddamn post (literally millions of posts) on the Concen forum is gone due to the recent hacking (why would anyone even bother hacking them these days except to get rid of some of the harder-hitting older threads from years ago?), including the Ezra Pound thread I spent 6 months researching. Jason (Fast Tadpole) or whoever is running it these days are supposedly going to bring it all back but if all the threads aren't half-fucked-up as a result, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

    ~ Negentropic

  3. Correction # 1 to the first post: "we could easily EXIT the hoax"

    Correction #2 to the 2nd post - "Jason (Fast Tadpole) or whoever is running it these days IS supposedly going to bring it all back"

    Such a pain-in-the-ass to try to write a decent paragraph and still end up sounding like a retard when there is no time to pay the proper attention to details while re-reading.

    ~ Negentropic