Saturday, 16 August 2014

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy ( spot the mork , nanu nanu ) lol

 Blind faith is the best way to control slaves.

A View from the Bog


  1. His comedic style fits right into the gay/Jewish agenda... Looking back after knowing the Hollywood filth is a commie plot to destroy the moral fabric of our country makes me dislike 98% of Jewish approves comedy... Remember if their famous its because the Jews want them to be... Most comedians won't see the day of fame because their not jewish or they won't bend over... It's a sick world today on the tv and it 4 decades to make it so.
    The 60's was the first the 80's was the biggest with the explosion of cable tv...

  2. Before the Jewish awaking I've probably would have felt so sorry for Robin Williams but today I feel pity for all everyone under the Jewish Contol...
    He was one of many that help pave the way to the filth on tv today...
    The last movie I saw of him was the Worlds Greatest Dad "sounds like a great family movie" what a pile of Jewish created shit that movie was... Jewish Porn kills you and your lying dad saves the day... Lying, Porn & Murder all the things that make for a great Hollywood movie... Fuck His Legacy

  3. I loved this video and of course the song. I just couldn't get enough and Robin Williams wsa so funny.
    Another video that was great was Chevy Chase in "you can call me bet-te", paul simon. Couldn't get enough of that one either.