Saturday, 23 August 2014

American Psyops - Dan Page and Don Lemon do Ferguson

The CNN Clip of rioters and reporters and elderly policemen is very easy to spot if your looking for evidence that something really fishy is going on back in the mid west. Major Dan Page makes predictions in 2012 that become reality in short order, then the man of many hats shows up as a bully cop in the Mike Brown affair. Don Lemon puts in a predictable and less than believable performance as a real life professional news reporter, apparently not able to shake his "shut up and read your lines" training. If your looking for pedigree in this mess, forget about it, it's all bad. Oh, in case you were wondering why I put up a screenshot of that soon to be almost nearly beheaded dude in the American prison jumpsuit, along with his British plastic steak knife wielding "terrorist", it's because it's another fraud. If you people don't start filtering the news they are trying to pass by you, your going to end up believing some of this absolute garbage. They need you to be afraid and angry and dumb. Don't be, turn it off and vote them out.

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