Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Hugo Chavez Deception - "Conspiracy Theorist" Populist Chavez Murdered? Part One

The Hugo Chavez Deception - "Conspiracy Theorist" Chavez's Story is often distorted by western media- for many obvious reasons. Hugo Chavez was making the West look like money-hungry crooks, raping their citizens for money, while making life for his people much more amenable. The first part of the Hugo Chavez Deception looks at a few of the differences between the "developing nation" of Venezuela and the "developed nation" America regarding simple traffic lights and gas prices, and then goes on to get into some deeper politics- including Chavez accusing the US of involvement in 9/11, Chavez looking to "weather warfare weapons" causing the Earthquake in Haiti, Chavez's mocking of American media, and Sean Penn's views on Chavez.

The Hugo Chavez Deception - Part 2 - Media Lies and the US Backed Coup Here

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