Thursday, 3 July 2014

Flat Earth an artist perspective on Polaris

Blind faith is the best way to control slaves....Be polite and gracious when you call Rory an idiot

Rory Cooper's You Tube

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  1. I can't buy this theory for one second...
    I want 100% proof that the pictures were taken at the equator! If you take these pictures from the Internet you can't prove anything... I want this guy to go too Ecuador with a camera and replicate his theory before confusing the world with BS

    Another experiment would be to take a laser and a flat lake over a mile long and shoot the laser across it measuring the opposite side seeing if the lake water bends?

    Ps: Fooling 4 countries "Argentina, Chile, South Africa & Australia" that they are 2X farther then the maps say they are is unbelievable... It's like saying they are to stupid to know the North Pole is as close to them Sydney is to Buenas Aires...
    You can buy a direct flight ticket and it only takes 15 hrs if the earth is flat it should take 30 hrs... Boats Sailing the south seas should take twice as long!

    Why can't these people get off their fat ass & Google Porn filled computers and do some real experiments from a neutral point of view... They seem to be like the book worshiper's believe every word of it and then proving it by coming out with conclusions that satisfy their beliefs...
    Believers that believe the earth was created in 6 days and those that believe the earth is flat seem to have the same mindset... Fanatical delusional & close minded!!!