Saturday, 12 July 2014

Dallas Goldberg on The Fetzer Show Jan 28 2013

James "Jim" Fetzer

Just another actor doing what they do. I hoped that wasn't going to be the case but I had a sneaking suspicion it would after he chose to skip posting my radio show with him to the archives for people to listen how missed it. I had a feeling this would be the case and prepared the videos below, just in case.
My plan was to wait and see if he was going to skip my show and post the following one without even referring to my show. And that we did. The minuted he skipped my interview I released my video of the interview. He was not aware that I recorded the entire behinds the scenes conversation but in order to be completely transparent I chose to include them so you can understand what is said and know I don't use a script but a show outline is discussed before hand. Everything is off the top of my head as you can hear for yourself. 
It's a shame Jim turned out to be one of the opposition. I really was hoping he was one of the last real people. But I should have learned from all the past individuals that are doing the same thing.
Well Jim I hope it was worth your career, and hope you saved a few penny's. You'll need it after the people in both the UK and the US black ball you and every production you touch.
And Jim I was right, you are no Marine. I hope real marines deal with you accordingly


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