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Red Ice Radio June 3rd and 4th 2014

Dan Park - Sweden’s Soviet Style Art Censorship & Dying Freedom of Speech

Swedish street artist Dan Park faced two prison sentences because of his provocative street art. He was accused of denigration of “folkgrupp,” which is the Swedish term for specially protected segments of the population, such as Muslims, Gypsies, homosexuals and women – but not the original Swedes nor men in general. Both sentences were given for the same pictures. During the first court case, Park had uploaded pictures on his blog to tell his fans what was going on - before any sentence was given. He received another prison sentence for doing that. The court thought that Park had to be locked up because he was having a high risk of repeating the "crime." The prosecutor even demanded a psychiatric assessment to be performed on Park. Dan will tell his story of being jailed for his artwork in a country that professes to uphold freedom of speech. We’ll discuss how any viewpoint that opposes the left is deemed offensive and racist. Dan points out the hypocrisy and lies coming out of “tolerant” Sweden. Left violence against Nationalists and free speech is rampant. Henrik Rönnquist, an art gallery owner who shows Dan’s artwork and also Lars Vilks, who has received death threats for his drawings of Muhammad, also joins the conversation. Since he has shown the artwork of Dan and Lars Vilks, he has been threatened, harassed, had his emails hacked, lost friends and does not go out after dark in fear of his life. We’ll talk about art censorship, Sweden’s fascist society and the union of the left with Islam in all its contradictions.

Frank Salter - War on Human Nature, Replacement Level Migration in the West & Crime of Diversity

Frank Salter is an Australian academic and researcher at the former Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology. He is best known for his writings on ethnicity and ethnic interests. He is a political ethologist, studying political phenomena using the methods and theories of behavioral biology in addition to conventional methods. He is the author of six books, including “On Genetic Interests: Family, Ethnicity, and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration.” We begin by defining genetic interests and talk about kin selection and W.D. Hamilton. Frank says there is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to how media, education and modern mainstream cultural elites deal with the subject of race and ethnicity. We’ll discuss how social sciences have turned their back on nature, biology and evolution. Salter calls this the “war on human nature.” He’ll talk about the emergence of a new branch of the social sciences as a reaction to the realization that human nature was immovable and universal due to genetics. Franz Boas, an apologist for Stalin, who had an immense influence in anthropology, took the field in a new direction. Later, we discuss what Frank calls replacement level migration. For example, Whites will be a minority in America by 2040. Frank explains how diversity within a state is a positively dangerous concept that will destroy western civilization. We’ll discuss the alliance between the radical left and the ethnocentrism of minority groups. Frank says that the left suffers from “ethnic autism.” He talks about the double standards when it comes to the treatment of the western world and if applied to any other country or region, it would be unanimously denounced as atrocious. And we also discuss the misconception around claims of “superiority” in relation to White ethnicity. We end discussing what Frank calls the crime of diversity, universal nationalism and how the ethnic majority group is ignored under the multicultural concept.

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