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Red Ice Radio April 28, 2014

Zoltan Istvan - The Transhumanist Wager: In Favor of Eugenics & Technological Dictatorship

Zoltan Istvan is an American-Hungarian philosopher, journalist, entrepreneur, and futurist. He has explored over 100 countries—many as a journalist for the National Geographic Channel—writing, filming, and appearing in dozens of television stories, articles, and webcasts. He also pioneered and popularized the extreme sport of volcano boarding. Zoltan later became a director for the international conservation group WildAid, to stop illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia. He recently published The Transhumanist Wager, a controversial fictional thriller describing apatheist Jethro Knights and his unwavering quest for immortality via science and technology. As a leading transhumanist, Zoltan presents his reasons for being in favor of humanity merging with machine. He’ll discuss his view that technology will improve on nature. Overcoming morality is his greatest concern. We’ll discuss body harm from new technologies and the ethical dilemmas they present. Zoltan argues that ultimately technology will be helpful to the “greater good” and must be implemented, even if by force and even if there are causalities along the way. In the second hour, Zoltan philosophizes about technology as evolution and luck as the prime mover of the human experience. He talks about maximizing on the transhumanist value for the evolution of our species. We parallel transhumanism with religious thinking. He’ll speak in favor of controversial subjects such as a transhumanist dictatorship, population control, licenses to have children and people needing to justify their existence in front of a committee, much like the Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw’s idea. He says we must use the expedient method to lead to the transhumanist society. At the end, Henrik talks about covert eugenics and ties it into technology.


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  1. He's read "The Fountainhead" 13 times? Thirteen? lol

    Heard a faint chuckle from this wise-ass Hungarian when he said the 13. Hell of an interesting show but I wouldn't trust this guy further than I could throw him.

    I couldn't even finish it once. Just badly written as literature, regardless of the story and philosophy behind it. Joyce or Nabokov or Austen she certainly was not, not even close. The movie with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal is good though, as filmmaking. Read the rest of her stuff in high-school, because that's what they set up for those wishing to escape the dominant paradigm in the pre-internet days: Ayn Rand and her more reader-friendly plagiarizations of classical liberal thinkers and Nietzsche, Bakunin, etc. Of course, she was full of it and didn't even follow her own philosophy, hence why the Libertarians among her mostly Jew inner-circle split off from her under Rothbard, a previous gushing admirer of "Atlas Shrugged." Rothbard was ok and fairly consistent, but being a Jew (non-practicing atheist), he believed the holohoax dogma, wasn't honest about the economic success of Hitler's Germany, and didn't name the Jew at all (just said banksters, etc.), and, following his example, neither do the rest of the garden-variety Libertarian/Anarchists out there from Molyneux to Larken Rose to Migchels to Rockwell to Ron Paul to fat-fug Jones.


    Lysander Spooner is the man. He said it all over a hundred years ago, including why the U.S. constitution is not what it's cracked-up to be:



    ~ Negentropic MK I .