Thursday, 8 May 2014

Newtown Board of Education Meeting: May 6, 2014.

What does $15,000 in Sandy Hoaxer donation money buy? Here is your free ticket to Halbig and his cast of characters as they go to Newtown. What did they accomplish? You decide.

Wolfgang Halbig appeared at the Newtown School Board meeting on May 6, 2014. In as much as Halbig has been in the educational field for the last few decades, he should be aware of how a school board functions and exactly what it has jurisdiction over and what it does not. I find it incredible that he expected to obtain documents or answers to his sixteen questions from a group of citizens who compose the school board who had nothing whatsoever to do with the internal workings of a Connecticut State Police or Newtown police investigation. He seemed perturbed that the board did not respond to his offer of help, as a school safety "expert," immediately following the event of 12/14/2012.

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