Friday, 23 May 2014


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Guest: Mark R Elsis

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  1. CG have you seen the cover of the Zio owned Popular Science "Special Edition" May 2014 Cover its a remake of its 1920 October "Greatest Cover Ever Made"... Why? Because it depicts an inventor trying to make a perpetual-motion machine only to realize its impossibility!!! The new version of the cover has this dumb idiotic face... It's saying your an idiot to think perpetual motion is possible... I hate Popular Science so much... It's BS Zio controlled Science that hides 911 truth & Free Energy...
    Good Job CG
    Ps: When will you do a show on Jewish Control of Pornography Youtube is showing 100x more porn then I ever saw watching HBO, Showtime & Cinemax back in the day.
    Please keep doing shows on Free Energy until it becomes a everyday reality...

  2. Great show. Elsis is always very entertaining. Had a little trouble downloading but finally got all 4 hours. Too bad he's still a 9-11 plane-hugger though. Just goes to show how effective the gatekeeping has been, even after 13 years.

    The reason they gave us 'Building 7' (yes, the videos of that one were faked too & their exposure within the troofer community via AJ & Loose Shekels was intentional, not a mistake) is to keep the half-truth movement away from the easily proven fact that even if there were planes that hit the buildings (there were not and this has been conclusively proven; no plane-parts matched to any plane at any of the 4 so-called 9-11 crash sites plus analysis of ALL the video ever shown), this would not in any way cause them to collapse, much less collapse straight down, in under 12 seconds and in spectacular fashion. By insisting on Building 7, since 'No Planes hit them,' all the AJ-Loose-Shekels meme followers are doing is promoting the false notion THE PERPS WANT to infect the truth movement with: that if a plane DID hit building 7 (on faked video, like the others) then it would have been natural for it to collapse the way it did, just like the others. Or if you were shown a 'plane' going into the Pentagon on video, then this would automatically constitute proof that it did, BEFORE examining the authenticity of the images in the goddamn video. This is completely unnecessary. No research should have ever been undertaken by the self-appointed Sherlocks in the half-truth movement BEFORE authentication of all the images of that day. If the videos are fakes and the plane-parts are not matched, not one out of a possible 9 million (!), that's it, that's the end of the official conspiracy theory, period. No building 7 needed.

    That's all. Very simple procedural error, which quite a few people, for whatever reasons of ego or idiocy, refuse to correct, despite a mountain of evidence that clearly shows they all made this error.

    They all put the cart before the horse, when no real court worthy of the name will accept video that has proven fakery like the following as valid evidence:






    ~ Negentropic MK I

  3. Gatekeepers are a built-in two-fold part. If they're not put in there themselves as agents ahead of time, they fulfill that function themselves when their egos are threatened or when their discernment gets shoddy. So as long as the official narrative is there and not discredited, the perps know they're safe. With 9-11, this is the planes into the buildings and 3000 dead, NOT who flew the planes in. Once you jump to already accepting the planes and the victims claimed by the media without analysis, you're already in their gatekeeping corps without intending to be, as most of us were for many years, and plenty still are. The perps knew, ahead of time, that psychologically, they'll get themselves a whole slew of gatekeepers that will work for free, protecting their own previous investigations from being shown-up as naive and lacking proper discernment or procedure (authentication of images, number of dead, etc. BEFORE basing your logic on the narrative based on them). The psychology is the same as the official conspiracy believers who will not go near the alternative conspiracy theorists, except in the 9-11 truth community it's mainly the plane-huggers not going near the no-planers and media-fakery-wise truthers. It's not between AJ says the NWO did it with remote control and Bollyn says Mossad-Israel did it with remote control, it's between the plane-huggers and no--planers, the media-imagery-dupes versus the media-imagery-skeptics. This is so important that Alex Jones and Loose Change had to ban all No-Planer theory (NPT) discussion on their forums and specifically Shack and September Clues:


    E-mail the above images to Elsis (I couldn't find his e-mail, only some BS link to his John Lennon video), plus this link:


    See what he says. If he still insists on this plane nonsense, then we will know he's another one infected with this unfortunate self-appointed-gatekeeping disease planned and anticipated and allowed for psychologically well ahead of the 9-11 PsyOp with special gifts to the troofers like the videos of building 7.

    ~ Negentropic MK II