Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sandy Hook Debate: CW Wade vs. Wolfgang Halbig

Dave Gahary moderates a debate* between CW Wade and Wolfgang Halbig.
For two hours, CW Wade takes on Wolfgang Halbig’s “SIXTEEN QUESTIONS THAT DEMAND THE TRUTH,” as it relates to the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event of December 14, 2012.
*The debate followed this format:
Each participant will be asked to give an opening statement to summarize their position.
The moderator will ask questions to each participant where they will have no more than five minutes to present their argument and evidence. If less than the allotted time is used, it will be set aside for a less structured discussion towards the end. At the end of the debate, each participant will have no more than five minutes for their closing statement. Personal or unnecessary attacks will be met with the mute button.          Debate-page


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