Wednesday, 2 April 2014

NASA hoax ISS Actornaut Chris Cassidy accidentaly admits they are filming in the USA ?

After an innocuous question from a student about his high school days Chris offers some unscripted information about where they are filming which makes the jovial space case seem pretty stressed out for a minute knowing he has said something truly stupid ( 0:56 ) "...ACROSS THE UNITED STATES FROM WHERE WE ARE TALKING TO YOU RIGHT NOW..." OOPS! Once in a fake moon the truth does slip out of their pie holes. Please visit cluesforum.info for more information on the ISS phoney mission to CGI land. SIDE NOTE: find a hair band for blondie, that is an operational hazard.
To all you haters and NASA fan bots, is this proof of anything? Certainly not! There is more than enough proof already for anyone who has more interest in thinking than blowing their dusty professor for a novelty degree in intellectual photocopying. The world is not what YOU think it is. It is what WE think, thus the importance of illusion in todays society. The only real space to be explored is INSIDE and requires zero lies and secrets or tonka toy starships to navigate. For all of you following the skies with your telescopes I have no doubt you are seeing something if you have a good view - Send me your original photos Id love to see it too!

Johan Backes's Youtube 

This is what hair looks like in the "vomit comet"

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