Sunday, 27 April 2014

Joshua Blakeney Interviews Revisionist David Cole..April .25 2014

Joshua Blakeney (journalist/radio-host) picked David Cole/Stein’s brain on a great new interview with the elusive Jewish holocaust revisionist turned “Republican Party Animal” turned holocaust revisionist.

David Cole, also known under the alias David Stein, was a prominent holocaust revisionist researcher who received a great deal of notoriety for his work back in the 1990s, appearing on the Montel Williams Show, the Donahue Show, and other mainstream media venues to discuss the issue.

After receiving serious death threats from the Jewish Defence League, a Jewish supremacist group known for terrorist plots and thuggery, Cole recanted his revisionist conclusions and went into hiding for more than a decade.
Last year Cole/Stein was “outed” by an ex-girlfriend, and revealed to be a well-known party organizer for right-wingers in Hollywood. In addition to organizing boozing bonanzas for conservative Hollywood big-wigs, Cole/Stein acted as a consultant on mainstream holocaust films (strangely enough), which Cole, in this interview, described as “pure hokum.” “I didn’t believe any of it,” Cole said of the films he reluctantly helped produce under his kosher persona David Stein.


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