Friday, 21 March 2014

Circus Maximus Episode VII March 20 2014

Nick and Charlie discuss:
•   Ancient civilizations and archeology
•   Da jews!
•   Christ Insanity
•   Muzztard Insanity
•   Baha’i Faith
•   Charlie’s radio network today
•   A few callers participated
•   Charlie rants a couple good times


Charlie’s websites:

Truth Hertz Radio

Waking America Radio Network

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  1. Hey Del- Just saw your comment on that Red Ice Ole show and thanks for trying to send the link, but it actually didn't get through (not sure what to make of it, I mean, I'm not an important person so I don't know why "they" would be blocking my email). Anyway, I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but it's probably best if you could just drop the link here in the comments for this show (if you still have it and it's not too much trouble)

    Thanks. Hope you're having a great day over there in Ireland:)

    And, also, thanks for the shows you post--I'm really into the media fakery these days.