Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"FAKE AND GAY" as the silly, nuclear play

I used to rather dislike that novel "fake and gay" expression which, to be quite honest, I wasn't even sure what exactly it meant. So I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary:

"Fake and Gay"
"A phrase often used by people commenting on YouTube videos meaning: 'I realize that some of the content of this video is not entirely real / true and I am not happy about it.'


Trollzor : FAKE AND GAY!

n00bz : @Trollzor - I agree that this video has not got a satisfactory amount of realism."

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.p ... 0and%20gay

So ok - I guess it's not such a bad expression after all ... :P ...but allow me now to offer my own little variant of it: "Fake as Enola Gay". Let me henceforth illustrate why I believe this new version of mine may have a promising future among the young and hopefully awakened new generations...

The "ENOLA GAY" is, of course, the (in)famous B-29 airplane piloted by one PAUL WARFIELD TIBBETS JR - 'credited' of having dropped an A-bomb upon Hiroshima, in what would have been the most insanely barbaric, monstruous & mass-murderous "act" of war - of ALL times. But you know, we're told that "it saved many other lives - and ended WW2"...

It stands to reason that the photographic record of this world-famous airplane, if this whole story were true, should not present any sort of 'innocent' photo-retouching. It just doesn't make sense that anyone would mess around with such iconic / historical photographs. So let us take a look at the available imagery (or 'historical archive photography') of the "ENOLA GAY" airplane (and its proud B-29 pilot who, we are told, was 29-years-old as he dropped the bomb - and happily retired after 29 years of military 'service').

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