Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Contrarian Reverse Dialectics Podcast - 2013.11.28

"A voice in the wilderness screaming nonsense to nobody in the hopes that the wind will carry the message"

Along with the usual news banter on the 3D false dialectic of deadly blackhearted globalist plutocrats and twisted eugenicist social engineers. With reconfigured the audio levels and pre-show prep so now we can fully and properly delve into the deep underbelly of the paranoid populist radical moonbat underground; GMOs, Cold Fusion, Andromeda Council and more!

Later we take a lengthy time to discuss the concept of higher planes and spirit guides. Specifically, the concept of 4D high-level creatures living on many other planets with their own spirit guides leading them towards Universal-Realization, was touched on and determined to be possibly very real.

Also included:
The Real Proven 1.0 Megaton Cold Fusion Reactor!
GMOs tied to gluten disorders
And More!


Contrarian Reverse Dialectics Podcast

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